About Gurukul

Gurukul is an ancient indian concept of education, wherein the participants get knowledge, by residing with their Gurus (teachers) as part of his faimely. The word gurukula is a contraction of the Sanskrit guru (teacher or master) and kula (extended family).

In a gurukula, shishya live together as equals, irrespective of their social standing, learn from the guru and help the guru in his day-to-day life, including the carrying out of mundane chores such as washing clothes, cooking, etc. Typically, a guru does not receive any fees from the shishya studying with him. At the end of his studies, a shishya offers the guru dakshina before leaving the gurukula or ashram. The gurudakshina is a traditional gesture of acknowledgment, respect and thanks to the guru, which may be monetary, but may also be a special task the teacher wants the student to accomplish.